kiting to Antarctica

A glorious day here on the ice at Halley with no wind and lovely light as the sun lowers day by day on the horizon. It sits at about 20 degrees now for most of the day, dipping only just under the horizon mid evening - even at midnight there is still a faint glow of red. Soon, however, we will lose the sun for 105 days - the dark period of the winter. Between now and then, I find myself taking every opportunity to get outside to ski, walk, enjoy the (rather flat) view. Snow has been building up around the buildings, leaving large wind-tails on the lee side which are, in places, beginning to approach the height of the base windows - so that one can wave to those inside as you ski down them. Surprisingly few people get outside to play in the snow - even on perfect days like this. This afternoon, however, my friend Mike ventured out with his kite - a 9 square metre giant which is amazing to watch him fly. I had a go with it and have to admit that it is my new favourite thing. Although it is minus 22 today, there is little wind - perhaps less than 10 knots, but that is enough to make the kite not only fly but pull incredibly hard when it picks up the wind. It is easily strong enough to pull you off your feet and, indeed, to ski with.
We are beginning to settle into our winter mode - the group here is gelling well and they are a really enjoyable group to spend time with - a good mix of ages and backgrounds.
This week I got the first pictures through from the photo shoot from my latest book - on confectionary - which are fabulous. I will try to post some as soon as I can. We had a sweet making night on Friday - sherbet pips, orange fudge, giant blue lollies, ginger gummy worms and all sorts of fun in preparation for last night's dog racing - we had an evening of fun and games courtesy of John the base commander. Fanny, my dog, won her race, rewarding me with a bottle of wine, while Oscar came a close second in his. We now have lost of embarrassing photographs on the info screen in the lounge. I haven't quite plucked up the courage to look at them yet. Next week I am going travelling with Al - our base guide and Anton, our Electrician. Hopefully, we will have good weather - the forecast looks good from here, so finger's crossed. I will post again when I am back. Bye for now - Gerard