heading off home

So, the long wait to begin the journey home has almost ended - this morning George Phillips, my fellow traveller and one of our four pilots, took our luggage down from our old accommodation block to our new home, the Pharos. A big red taxi. Our cabins are right in the middle of the ship, and we've plenty of space to roll around in - which we will be doing a fair bit I imagine over the next few days. The journey back to Stanley will take five or six days, so we will be back in around the 25th all being well. From there, at the moment, the flight date is anyone's guess, maybe the 26th, maybe the 30th, but hopefully the latter as it is always nice to catch up with friends there and to get out and about on the islands. The people there are lovely, easy and friendly to visitors, so popping into a pub or cafe usually leads to a conversation. A small place, Stanley, so you quite quickly get a feel of the spot and begin to recognise people, and vice versa.
Foggy here today and our team has seen a massive amount of work recently, so the fact that it is impossible to fly here today means that people are taking the time to enjoy a restful day. The entire crew is now based on the north end of the island, partly at Husavik and partly at Rosita bay, where the next main camp will be set up. It is the last main zone that is going to be baited before the first half of the crew leave - sometime around 10th May. Those staying behind for another week or so will remain just to take the aircraft apart and to pack up the camps, and as the weather is unlikely to improve much then, it is likely that the entire crew will be out of here by the end of May. The past month has been an incredible roller coaster for me - the highs of baiting, feeding an amazing crew, and being somewhere so beautiful have been balanced by the sadness of leaving, and of not being able to see the team finish. I wish them every success and hope that we will all be reunited very soon.