too many cooks?

This week finds me back at King Edward Point where I am to sit down for a week. Or so I am told by Doctor De, but that's not very likely. I have a helper, though, in the form of Sam Moore which will help me work a little less as I have a giant foot which is slowing me down. With luck, and time, it will shrink, so I can go back to Husvik where our team is now based to continue running things there. Most of my work, to be fair , could be done from a sitting position, so I am planning a high chair of sorts to assist.

The past two or three weeks have been amazing - the project is already 20% completed, more probably now, and although we can only fly 1 day in 4 because of the weather, when the pilots can fly, bugger me do they fly! We support as a team by sending food parcels out to the baitloaders, who work to fill the hoppers of bait that the helicopters carry about.

will add more in a little while as dinner is about to be served and, as I am not cooking, it doesn't pay to be late - I might never be asked again!

see you in a jiffy, Gerard