about to fly from Brize Norton

just driven down to Oxfordshire to Brize norton with mum and the dogs - all ready to fly to the Falklands.

There are about eight of us flying this evening I think, including Rob Webster - deputy director, Oli Prince, second cook, Wiz Pasteur - environmental analyst and Alison Neil, chief exec of the South Georgia Heritage Trust, which is who we are all working for. It proves to be a fascinating trip - we will spread poisoned rat bait over a huge area via helicopter, and will move around the north and west of the island as we go - in our mobile tent camp - moved in large cargo nets under the helicopters, so all in all, quite exciting. First, though, we have to get to the Falklands, which is why I am here. It's a 20 or so hour flight....

There we will board the RRS Shackleton and begin the ordeal of sorting out a hundred or so expedition barrels of food, in addition to several hundred tons of other cargo for our rat killing project. I am chief cook, bottle washer and so forth - and will blog about it over the next three or four months, so please keep an eye out for news - I will hopefully blog on a weekly basis, but sometimes I will be in the field camping with no internet access, so bear with me - and let me know what you want to hear about - you can become a site member and blog to - cheerio for now, Gerard